Welcome to the homepage of A TRAIN TO SPAIN project !

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where should i buy Clomiphene “A Train to Spain” is an international, traveling cross-media project dedicated to the memories of the Scandinavian volunteers who went to Spain eighty years ago, during the Civil  War of 1936-1939. They risked their lives to fight fascism, and many of them never came back.

Starting in August 2016 untill the end of  the year 2019 , our team will travel through Europe, from Finland to Spain, organising various screenings, meetings, seminars and pop-up exhibitions on the road. We hope to create discussion not only about the fates of the bygone volunteers, but also about the current state of our continent where the fascism is again raising in many new forms.

The highlights of 2016 events were  :

-the exhibition  in Stockholm´s Tegen2-gallery in August/ September  , www.tegen2.se

-the screening of the films in Copenhagen in YNKB in September , www.ynkb.de

-the opening ceremony of the first Spanish exhibition which  took place in the

Gallery of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Málaga,Spain,  in September 2016,  see more in the chapter  ” Program ”

– the activity week in Alcoi, Spain, in October 2016

-and the presentation of the project during the Railway Section Conference of International Transport Worker´s Federation in Bryssels, Belgium in December 2016 , see more in the chapter ” Program “