Antalaha Events during 2015 :

Pre-production started in Spain in March 2015 together with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Málaga University under the kind patronage of professor Salvador Haro.


In September 2015, we had the first Swedish presentation of the project for the students and teachers of the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, represented by animation researcher and director Nils Claesson.


First international seminar took place in October 2015 in Volda University College, Norway, organised by professor Gunnar Ström together with the Norwegian experts on the Spanish Civil War issues (Professor Jon Olav Mycklebust and his team) and the representatives of the city of Alcoi, Spain (Gemma Ballester, Angel Beneito Lloris) & the participating artists.


http://yookyoungyong.com/mugs3/ Events in Scandinavia in 2016 :

The main Finnish event, the premiere of the “Radio Dolores” multimedia project, was inaugurated under the Tampere Film Festival in March 2016. The premiere of the same-named animation will take place in Tampere in August 12, 2016. The venue is the Labour Museum Werstas, Väinö Linnan aukio 8, Tampere, and the exhibition there will be open until 14.8.2016 daily except Mondays, from 11-18.


The opening ceremony of the first common exhibition will take place in Tegen2 gallery in Stockholm in 26.8.2016. From that on, a parallel exhibition will stay in the gallery until the end of September 2016, while the traveling part of the project will start it’s journey towards the South on the 27.8.2016.



In Norway, we will have several events:

  • a workshop by the island of Utöya in late August
  • the premier of the film “The Volunteer” in Førde, 1.9.2016, in collaboration with the Labour Unions
  • exhibition and screenings in Volda, together with VUC, 23.-27. 9. 2016  as a part of the yearly Forkingsdagane (The research days), under the theme “Borders”



In Denmark, we will present the project in the Astrid Noack Atelier on 15.9. – 17.9.2016.



Events in Spain in 2016 :

The opening ceremony of first Spanish event will take place in 29.9.2016 in the gallery of the Málaga University, Faculty of Fine Arts, where the exhibiton will stay until 12.10.2016.


A special event will take place in Albacete on the 14.10.2016, where the 80th anniversary of the arrival of the International Brigades will be held, organised by the CEDOBI – institute.

Then we will go on, to the city of Alcoi, where we will have the exhibition and film screenings  in the historical building of the Hospital of Alcoi starting from the 24.10.2016.


After the tour, we will publish a book, a webdocumentary and several articles about our project .